Walk-Ins Welcome! Free Style Canvas Painting-- open studio... its all about you...

Come paint anything you want. No instruction needed because its all done by you, all supplies included in price.

Fun for all ages !!!

Services Include:

Repairs: Starting at $25

Custom Orders: Starting at $25

Space Rental ... Must Call to Reserve.


Just Walk in Sit Down and Paint A Ceramic Piece or A Mason Jar Today...

Ceramic Studio Time :  $7.00 for  hour and 1/2

Come in pick up our ceramics and check the bottom for a price or have us check it for you. Prices Range from  $1.00 up to our most expensive items.

 The total price is the price of the item plus studio time and your choice if you want to have it fired again in the kiln to have it become like fused glass, and makes it waterproof for $3.00 extra.  

Glaze Paint and Fire Ceramic : $3.00 every 6 color paint pallet. Allow 1 1/2 weeks for preparation to be fired in kiln. We call you when it is ready for pick up and you get a ticket that matches the ticket we keep. When you bring that ticket back ask to put it in to out monthly drawing to win prizes for returning customers.

Specialty dishwasher safe glass paint, glow in the dark paint, neon paint is $3.00  each pallet (fill a 6 color paint pallet.) Use it to paint mason jars or ceramics or combine them.


Acrylic Paint is free and you could take your project home, however, a ceramic piece will not be waterproof as opposed to if you had it fully glazed and fired in the kiln. 


Host an event with Instructional Canvas Painting Classes, Any Age...

Choose from our gallery of paintings or tell us what you want to paint. One theme per class.

all supplies are included.

We will accommodate for groups of any size .

******See Parties Page for more information, 

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Prices may vary based on project.

Additional fees and conditions may apply.

 We customize Ceramics to fit your needs.

 Check out our online deals and coupons.

Wheel Time


Call to schedule a pottery wheel class for up to two people


Please bring own clay tools to use  on wheel... See pictures of types of tools needed or it is a  $ 15.00 fee to use Mason Crafts tools on wheel..

Must take first class and sign safety rules and equipment use waiver.

Pricing Per Person:

Total for 1st time class is $50.00 per person ... EVERY ADDITIONAL CLASS AFTER IS ONLY $20.00 

(must sign waiver stating you took first class of rules use and safety)

 What you get:

* instruction of proper use of wheel 

 ($30.00) 1st time fee only

Every time you reserve wheel time to come back the cost is only $20.00 per person each time . *Must schedule time to come in. You are required to follow the rules of the waiver you sign when working on the wheel after taking the 1st class you will be doing the wheel on your own or you can bring a friend. Everyone who touches the wheel must pay the $30.00 for the 1st class to learn proper rules and instruction. Tell us you already signed the waiver so we can look you up and waive the $30.00 instruction and rules fee.

* ($20.00=1 pound  of clay ( Bisque clay),

 $5.00 for every additional pound if needed.

 Hour and  1/2 time used to spin on wheel plus

 1 FREE $3.00 fire for medium to large item, any additional item to fire for medium to large is $3.00 extra, Small items under 2" in length is only $1.00 to fire...

$10.00 per every 1/2 hour spent over time limit scheduled.  Please make sure instructor signs you in on what time you are starting your class so that you can keep track of your time. Remember you get 1 Hour and 1/2  to start with, if you go over by 1/2 hour it will be an extra $10.00 charge, this does not include the clean-up time just work time spent making your project. 

Restrictions apply , prices vary for outside items being fired 

Customers using the wheel must clean up after and clean their own tools and the wheel itself, the instructor will take it apart for you to do so. when finished let us know so we can mark down your time before you clean-up and pay.. 


Products made will be required to be sponged down after they dry . 

Important Policy: 

Mason Crafts can not be held liable or responsible  for any project made, partially painted and left at Mason Crafts if it breaks or if something happens to it when being stored or during transport.  After 60 days Items may be re-shelved or moved, Mason Crafts encourages customers to bring unfinished or partially  painted projects home and return at a later time to finish, since shelf space is limited. Please hold onto receipt to show item was purchased at Mason Crafts to receive the discounted in-store fire fee.

 If you choose to bring your item home please bring a box to store item in with shredded paper to protect it during transport. If you don't have a box a bag will be provided for transport. All items are subject to copy write. All permissions to replicate must be granted in writing from Mason Crafts. Mason Crafts can not be held liable for any items that enter the kiln and come out cracked. If any item needs repair a longer wait time may be required. Prices are subject to change over time depending on the item. For project or ceramic price inquiries please contact Mason Crafts at 708-334-0123.

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